Help me with my story description, please?

Hi, everyone
I need a bit of help to make a stpry description for my LGBTQIA+ and romance story, please.

It is based on two drag queens who were best friends and developed more than just that over time. The LI moves away to help his mother regain her health, and they drift apart. After a couple of years, they meet again at a gig. the only problem is, the LI has a boyfriend of his own now. MC has to win him over as they work together on gigs and shows.

The title is Dragged Together

The MC’s drag name is Beatrice Window
The MC’s male name is Ryan Mills

The LI’s drag name is Alotta Nerve
The LI’s male name is Chris Lawson

Thank you in advance to everyone!

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I’m going to try to help you :sweat_smile:

Ryan and Chris were bestfriends that were drifted apart due to certain circumstance. Years later, they meet again, and over time something else develops between them.


Thank you so much!
Would you like me to credit you?

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No need.

Happy to help.:blush:

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This seems fun, gonna give it a go😋

Best friends Ryan and Chris had gotten much closer together overtime until Chris moves away and finds himself a new lover, will Ryan win him back?

Ryan and Chris were the best of friends and sparks flew between them until Chris moved away and came back years later with his boyfriend, will Ryan move on or win him back?



They were more than just friends, but time parted their ways. Ryan meets his love, Chris in his career years later… Only to find out he has moved on from Ryan.
I hope you’ll like my version hehe


Here’s mine:

After unfortunate circumstances, Ryan and Chris, two drag queens with history, unexpectedly meet each other years later. Is the bond they once had still there?

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I love this!

This is awesome

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No I don’t mind.

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