Help me with my story plz!

My story is called Just Like Her & it’s about twin sisters.
One sister spent her life running from a murderous side of herself that she didn’t want to face because her mother was a serial killer.
The other sister spent her life trying to protect her sister, but always gets hurt in the process which is just like her mother’s sister.
So it’s basically about two sisters who love each other, but corrupt each other whenever they are near.
But in the end, time catches up to them and they have to make a choice about everything.
On top of that, love is in the air also, for both characters.
So I have no inspiration for this story, but I believe it’ll be a good one. So does anyone have a movie suggestion that’s somewhat similar to this. And if not, does anyone have any suggestions on how I should start this off??

I really like the idea. Maybe you can start with a flashback so that shows her mother what she did and her sister.

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