Help me with my Story!


Hey, so I am currently writing this new story and I cant think of a title to use.
I haven’t thought of a suitable description yet either, so that’s why I am asking for your help!

Its about a young girl called Hannah who discovers she’s seriously ill and her illness is quite life threatening - she basically finds love with a boy and is a really cute romantic, gushy story!


  • A Title name
  • An interesting description (its fine, you don’t need to come up with one if you cant think of one :slight_smile: )
    *An interesting storyline

All names used will be given credit in my story either way :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!


What happens at the end


Like does she die or is she alive still.


I haven’t really got that far, that’s why im hoping that someone could give me some good ideas :grimacing: :joy:


Well for a title, it could be threatening love because it is about love but is threatened by an illness. For a story line they can go traveling and she finds cure while going on an adventure.


well, if the girl dies at the end or even if not, the story title can be " One last time"


That is interesting too.


Thank you both for your input!


your welcome


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