Help me with namingg

Okay so I’m writing my first episode story and im about to create my female mc but my mind goes blank when i have to name her all i know is i don’t wanna name her something like mia, lexi, emma
can someone give me name ideas shes badass but a classy b!tch

What is her background story? Like ethnicity etc

her father is irish and her mother is mixed italian and ethiopian

Ciara is an irish name that I love.

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i luv that name but i kinda had the same thought process as you and named the mom that im irish and it was my first thought


its a lil too common but ill def keep it in mind thankyouuuu

just name her MC, you can change the name later.

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lol i just did thanks

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This site has tonssss of name generators so you might find a name you like on there? 🤷😊


ooo ill definitely try that thanks

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You’re welcome! I hope you find a name that you like.

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