Help me with nicknames!

So hi everyone! My main character’s name is Sydney and she was best friends with her love interest for years. I want the love interest to use a specific nickname for her but I don’t want it to be cringey. It’d be better if it was special for them or maybe something related to her name? Can you guys help me? Any suggestions?

my name’s sydney hehe

i’d base it off sydney’s personality. in a story i like, the li calls the mc “trouble”, for pretty self explanatory reasons: they always got into trouble. i think something like that would be cute.

else, you could do a variation of sydney, like syd :metal2:


heheh nice to mee u sydney! and thanks

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It might be easier to suggest something if there’s a little more detail on what she was like as a child, or what they bonded over/got up to etc. In order for them to have created a special nickname that’s referencing such a long friendship, it’s helpful to have as much info as possible about their bond and characteristics :slight_smile:

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yeah like for example if she liked bears growing up then it could be ‘syd bear’ or ‘beary’ or ‘bear’

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Exactly! Or Tedsta (for Teddy Bear) :laughing:

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haha cute! :bear: :sparkles:

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Australia or syd

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