Help Me With Overlays!

So I am a newbie at stories and basically everything else, so I’m confused on the overlay concept. How do I enter them into my story? Also, how do I make my character walk and carry a box at the same time? (Overlays)

I can’t tell you about the box thing, but about adding them:

either you take your background and write ‘with OVERLAYNAME’ behind it, or you use this code:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create

Carrying a box is an animation and I think a prop

If you want to carry a box just use

@add Moving Box to CHARACTER
@add Box Package Box Brown to CHARACTER
@Box Present Large Box to CHARACTER

depending on the box you want to use.

For Limelight^ idk about INK because I’m not really a fan of the style.

Also how do I get rid of the prop?

@overlay OVERLAYNAME clear

No, how do I clear the prop?

Oh! My bad.


@remove prop name from CHARACTER

For Example:

@remove Bagel Plain from CHARACTER

How do I move to different zones?

@cut to zone 1/2/3 or @pan to zone 1/2/3