Help me with placing this character

So i’m trying to make my character appear on left side of the screen, can anyone help?

I’ve got this so far

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@CHARCTER faces left

it didn’t work :cry:

let me see

its the same as the picture above

No, I’m saying like you must’ve done it wrong when you’re placing a character the height and the size you must code it in … so I need to see how you did it. like for my story my person is doing this

" @ALLEN spot 0.980 112 220 in zone 2

@ALLEN faces right "

ohhh alright

here a screenshot:

I think I see where u messed up at just copy what I wrote

@MUGGER spot -0.205 41 888 in zone 1

@MUGGER faces left

that’s all I have …the overlay part is which I don’t know how to do

The character is still in the same exact space

you sure the character not suppose to face right?

yhhh, i tried that

Wdym on the left side of the screen?
Just spot direct them normally

As in his figure on the left, like this:
(Where the red is)

Oh, maybe you can use his body as an overlay. I don’t know if there is a way with coding for

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ohh, i didn’t know that

I mean if there’s a way to do that with coding, I have no idea about it. But you can just make his overlay and get through this easily :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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thanks for the advice :relaxed:


Do you want me to help you turn him into an overlay?

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Did you mean instead of upside down his body is left to right? May be try the laying down animations? Like idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop

Thanks for the offer but I think I’ll keep him upside down :pleading_face:

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