Help me with resizing


I’m having trouble with resizing this to Episode’s requested size. Can anyone please help me. I’ve tried some of the websites but they make the photos soo blurry.

That is a winzy background. It should be in right size on her website. Sorry dont have link.

Remember to credit her also

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I’ll definitely credit her but this was the size on her website, that’s why I’m confused. :slight_smile:

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Can you send the link of the website?

I used Image Size to resize it:

Hopefully this will turn up better for you?
As Line said, it should’ve been the correct dimensions on the website, but if you’re on iOS, I recommend using the Image Size app. There’s also on pc.


thats weird are you sure you did it correct?

this is directly downloaded from her website. and its the right size

Hey! For future needs just search as ‘image resizer’ and use a resizing site, it will save time.

Episode has their length, use them.

Good luck!