Help me with some story ideas?

hi, guys so I have massive writer’s block so I decided how about I start a completely different story. but I have no idea what is it going to be about, so I thought how about you fellow writers give me some story ideas. So basically I want the genre to be a romance with a bit of adrenaline but not a mafia story so feel free to give me some ideas if you want credit feel free to say so :relaxed:

A girl and a guy going to pursue their careers and competing against each other, to get to the top!


that’s a nice idea! :upside_down_face:

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Thank you!

your welcome :blush:

Hey! So what I usually do when I have a writer’s block is write anything that comes to mind, starting from a very basic idea.
You could perhaps start off your story with a guy writing on his diary about his day. Have him perhaps recall meeting a really pretty, but kinda suspicious looking girl. Go with the flow and write whatever comes to mind. When you get your inspiration back, you will find a core storyline to build your story on.

Hope I helped, good luck! :black_heart:

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Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll try doing it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tell me how it goes, if you do! I will gladly help with anything if you want

thank you, so much i will! i might even ask you for ideas one day :blush:

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