Help Me With Something


Ok, I need help organizing my stories.

  1. There is a season 1 & season 2

  2. They will be both in INK & LIMELIGHT

For INK, I am thinking about making season 1 just a story by itself, and season 2 by itself. Then LIMELIGHT, Ill make it a full series, meaning Season 1 & Season 2.

What do you guys think?


I think you should combine the 2 INK stories then make a separate LL story for season 1 & 2 instead.


But, it’s your choice since it’s your story!


Love that idea. :grin:






@Sydney_H is this in the right place.


oh wait i see u typing. XD


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Lol we were thinking the same thing at the same time :joy:




Hmmm it’s up to you tbh


How long will your seasons be?

I actually quite like your original idea (two separate seasons and then a combined version).
I’m actually revamping one of my stories (which has 2 (soon to be 3) seasons in separate books) and I’ll be keeping everything in one book (with modifications so that the seasons continue as in the original version, you can die in s1 lol which obviously won’t work).
A part of me regrets having the seasons separate actually just because if I’d kept everything together, I think I may have been able to gain more total reads (the second season got featured a couple times but you can’t read that without reading s1 and I think some people find that a pain in the butt to go find the other story lol). My first season was also very short (5) episodes). If the two seasons had been together and people were binging it, it would have helped my story trend.


Hm, depending on the directing, and other stuff that will be in it.


I meant in terms of episodes. If you have short seasons (10 episodes or less), I’d suggest combining them.


Their are going to be long episodes, because I will be getting into more details with first season, but not that much details.


I would probably work on it as I go and see how it plays out. Things tend to change.




Oh I’m gonna cry. Why was I called here…?