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Maybe combine them both??


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Either of them sounds good :slight_smile:


I agree.


what do u agree with?


There isn’t a really big difference- I’m not sure how valid my opinion is, but here it is:
I think you should keep them together, as even as it isn’t a big deal, we’ll have to go to the second story to read it, and we’re lazy. But that’s just it. If you have 2 seasons, then the second’s season first episode won’t use passes. If you have 2 seasons, you’ll have 2 different covers. Also, people like to have long stories- it reassures them that it’s good, regardless of what it is (subconscious: It’s long, it’s good). And other than that, it just feels less messy fir me when it’s put together- one book- I don’t know, because this is how I feel when I see different seasons and all, but that’s how I think it should be, which is having both INK and LIMELIGHT full without separate seasons. Personally, I’m not sure of the difference between Limelight and Ink needing to be separate or not.
Obviously, it’s up to you, but I feel like having one compete story is better- or if you are going to do a generations thing, which is done by many popular authors that write books such as Chain Reaction and Revenge _?, then you can do the children series as the second book, etc.


What @EchoRavencroft said.


Using LL and INK in the same story.




Yupppy it’s sounds great though…:ghost::ghost::ghost:


We need help with organising lana’s stories

  • 1.For INK, I am thinking about making season 1 just a story by itself, and season 2 by itself. Then LIMELIGHT, Ill make it a full series, meaning Season 1 & Season 2.
  • 2.I think you should combine the 2 INK stories then make a separate LL story for season 1 & 2 instead.
  • 3.using LL and ink in the same story.

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Ok, just checked the votes, so Im going to go with the first vote. So, thats settle! THANKS AGAIN @Spes :blush: :fire::raised_hands:t3:


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