Help me with spot directing!

i need help with spot directing
i need this back ground INT. CAFE- DAY
and i need the screen to pan over to the table and then have to people sitting there and then they start talking but i also need people in the background
can someone do that?? plz
ITS IN Limelight

okay So first you want to either do the commands:
@pan to zone #
an episode default background will have 3 zones, the left side of the picture is zone 1, the middle of the picture is zone 2, and so on.
or you must insert your characters:
ex- @pan to zone 2
@GLORIA stands screen left
then you want to put some dialogue, if you don’t want any for this scene, just put a narrator saying “pause”, you can delete this step later on.
then you need to preview your script, click on the very beginning of your scene so that you can go on the ‘show helpers’ button. From there you will go onto ‘spot directing’
To have them standing by their chairs,
adjust their scale, play around with the layers, and move them around the screen.
Once you have gotten the hang of it, scroll down to the helper readout area and click copy. Simply replace the @CHARACTERNAME stands screen left/right with this.
You can do the command @CHARACTERNAME starts idle_sit. You can change their positions if they arent sitting on the chair correctly.
Hope this helped someone!

This might help you: :slight_smile:

She has more guides on her website: