Help me with story description

Heyyo guys! İ am writing a story and i dont know how can i write story description in English ( English is not my natural language) my story about


MC moved the Manhattan for a New fresh start but there is a Tiny…little problem her New roommate is her old High school friend nerdy ellie ( idk how can i descripte their relationship here) who is MC bullied her million times.and she is gonna try to win ellies best friend’s heart ( she fell in love him at First sign)

Okay lemme share the New cover about the story and thank you @blackmeow20 for this edit cover its so beatiful :heart:


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Here’s a few:

  • After moving to Manhattan for a fresh start, you encounter a peer from high school. But will their damaged past get in between their building relationship?

  • Moving to Manhattan steered you rightly, that is until you’re coincidentally roommates with a peer from high school. Can you manage to break down your walls or will your ongoing friendship crash and burn?

  • (MC’s Name here) thought moving to Manhattan was going to treat her right when she suddenly encounters an “enemy” from high school. One problem. Your trying to win their best friends heart. Will you succeed, or will your broken past deteriorate a new bond?

Sorry if these aren’t helpful, it was kind of hard trying to understand what you were saying…

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İ like the Last one i will use it tysm :heart:

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Sure! :heart:

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