Help me with the description pls

Heyy! :yum:

So I’m writing a story and I just wanted to know if the description is good…
Like should I add something more?

Charlotte is struggling with money, but an offer she can’t refuse could change things…

I really need help with the description… :melting_face:

About the story

Charlotte’s life it’s a bit messy, like she works hours and hours in a café, but then she gets fired… She needs to pay rent… And when she’s about to leave the café a woman makes an offer - taking care of her son (he had an accident bc of racing), bla bla bla they fall in love, she races in his place, she wins, bla bla bla, and they live happily ever after… That’s basically it. :upside_down_face:

Sorry if this is not a good idea lovely- but it just popped into my head. :blob_hearts:

Charlotte’s life was messy and she needed money fast. That’s when a mysterious women proposes an offer to her - taking care of her injured son. Will this just be a way to make money, or will it turn into something else?


In the description, do you want the offer to be said? Like to take care of the son.


Uhu I liked it, tyy!

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I mixed everything you suggested and this is the result:

Charlotte is struggling with money and her life is a mess. But her luck takes a turn when she’s offered a job caring for an injured racer. Life on the fast track awaits.

What do you think?


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Here are some suggestions:

  • Charlotte is struggling to make ends meet. Once she gets an offer to take care of an injured racer, her world turns upside down.

  • After getting fired your only choice is to take up an unexpected job offer. You’ll have to take care of an injured racer. Soon it becomes more than just a job…

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