Help me with the script please ASAP

can someone help me with this ?
unexpected sequence : you cannot use a director command (starting with @) here
here is the script :
}“This looks good!”{
sound ding
@remove Lipstick from MIA
goto End_MIA


i have the problem in this line : @zoom reset

@speechbubble reset

@remove Lipstick from MIA

    MIA (talk_think)
Yay or Nay?


sound whistle_flirt
@MIA is primp
@pause for a beat

@zoom reset
sound spokenfemale_ew
@MIA is talk_repulsed
@pause for a beat

goto lipsColor_MIA

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Remove the @ symbol after lipstick

where ?

If your not using this label then remove it from the script

The label and the name of the label shouldn’t be together it needs to be seperated like this

And the @zoom reset is not the cause of the problem but is the label you are using and you can’t use labels inside the choice so I guess you need to remove the label unless you create a new choice :man_shrugging: Hoped this helped :wink:

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thank you it worked !