Help me with this directing pls!

I’m trying to get my character go behind the counter, but I can’t seem to find the overlay for it. How do I do this?

Try using INT. CAFE OL - DAY with this background and layering it. Or try using INT. CAFE OL - DAY by its self. Tell me how that works out.

How do you code it?? I didn’t quite understand

I’ll code it and send you a screenshot of the page if that helps :blush:


Found the solution!


@CHARACTER1 moves to layer -1
@CHARACTER1 spot 1.280 -74 98 (or any preferred)
@CHARACTER1 walks to spot 1.280 161 98 in X (or any preferred)

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Thank you!!

I can put the character behind the counter, but how do you put the character over it?

Because INT. CAFE2 - DAY has the overlay with the background, you’ll have to switch to INT. CAFE- DAY, the background you used before.

I’m not sure. But if I switch to INT.CAFE-DAY, wouldn’t the character behind the counter disappear?

The character and the overlay will go. The only way you’ll be able to have other characters (e.g customers) infront of the counter, is if you have an overlay but Episode doesn’t have the overlay that fits with the background.

Thank you for this!! And I think I should ask for someone to make an overlay that looks like this counter

how can I get the screen shake effect and also texting

@zoom on 640 0 to 111% in 0.1
@zoom on 925 271 to 111% in 0.1
This is what I use but u can change it if you want. This is for the screen.
I know how to make the text shake but I haven’t tried the speech bubble.
The text shake will be: | shake:[1-5] | next to the words you want to be shaking. | reset | after the word to avoid shaking other parts.
@zoom on 193 287 to 133% in 0.1
@zoom on 0 164 to 133% in 0.1
@zoom on 193 287 to 133% in 0.1
@zoom on 0 164 to 133% in 0.1
Here’s another I use for the screen.