Help me with this error on remembering choices




It has something to due with the bracket problem. I got so frustrated that i had a mental breakdown.


Put the word choice on the line above :slight_smile:

“Adventure Girl”{
gain Adventure Girl
} “Neon Girl” {
gain Neon Girl
} “Genie Girl” {
gain Genie Girl


The ending brackets needs to be on the next line, not right next to the gains.




it still didn’t work


Oh and also gain names cannot be more than 1 word. Change all the spaces into underscores.


Oh okay let me try that


One more thing, after that outfit choice, do you have a choice to confirm the outfit? Like a “do you want to wear this?” and then a yes no choice?


yes i do


Okay so the way you formatted your dressing game, readers will gain all of those gains if they try on all of the outfits. Read through this thread, scroll down to “Remembering Outfit Choices” and it will show you how to add gains to a dressing game: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

Or I have an already made Simple Dressing Game template that’s formatted for using gains.

Remember choice problem

Thank you so much it got saved perfectly!