Help Me With This Looping Overlay, Please! 😫

This is really starting to get frustrating. I’ve been trying to loop an overlay using @Dara.Amarie ‘s coding for how to loop a 3-zone background as an overlay. I copied and pasted all of the coding that she was using in here:

And when I review it, the overlay is one, huge, and once that overlay, like, finishes, the duplicate overlay comes in afterwards, looping somewhat below the original background, and it keeps doing that over and over. If this was confusing or difficult to understand, I apologize, but I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me with this, please!? I’ve been working on it all morning, and it’s really starting to frustrate me. Thx to anyone who can help me out with this, and I hope you are staying safe! :slightly_smiling_face::pensive:

You need be using this background with this overlay placement.

EXT. BLUE - DAY with LOOP_OVERLAY to 1.625 0 0 in zone 1 at layer -5

Ok, thank you. I will change the background as soon as I get to my computer. Thx for the help!! I promise to let you know if it has any more problems after that. :blush:

Hey, sorry to bother you with this, but I changed the background, but it still looks weird. Here’s a picture to help you out:

And once the overlay finishes looping, the duplicate one comes looping afterwards after the first one leaves a gapping for like, three seconds. Again, I’m sorry for bothering you with this and for not understanding your tip correctly. I will definitely credit you for your help with this in my story. :sweat_smile:

I can see that you sized the overlay to 1.0 which is not the correct scale size.

You need to use this code for the overlay placement.

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Oh my gosh, thank you! It loops correctly now. All I have to do is just change up the characters spot placement and it’ll look perfect! Thank you, really, for all your help! :grin: