Help me with this! (Please)


Someone want to help me out?
If you want the photo I want off of I can give it to you! But I did this I wanted to see if any one wanted to color it for me? I suck at coloring in things I have drawn!


Also if you could maybe make the window have some trees out it! There standing in a hospital room!
(I don’t know why but every time I save from what I use it has a gray background if not colored!)




Did you have any specific hair colors in mind?..


Here is what I have done! I moved her hand because I feel she needed to be holding him back for the scene! I still have to add the pol and IV bag in the scene because right now my IV tube is just hangout in mid air! lol. But I really need help with the background! Once I get the last little bit added! I didn’t know about the coloring but I though why not just give it another try!


I already started without doing the new arm, sorry…
Then again mine might not be that good, or what you are looking for, so I’ll post it when it’s done and then you can decide :slight_smile:I’m not an artist, I just got bored when I found this earlier and thought I’d give it a go lol


Here you go lovely… Hope it’s okay… you don’t have to use it if it isn’t :slight_smile:


I noticed the floor and wall seem to blend together so I added a separating line to it.


I like it.


Sorry that it isn’t exactly what you want, but I hope it helps :slight_smile: