Help me with this plzz I'm losing it

hey there!

can anyone pls help me with a problem that I have right now. it’s about this cover I made myself to put in my own art catalog but it won’t work I have tried everything I could think of. I make my art on Sketchbook but I don’t understand how to turn it into the right size.:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

If you know-how to make it the right size please share
(I already made the art I just need to size it.)

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I honestly just resize everything on Microsoft Paint lol.


You can keep the aspect ratio or change it, but if you change it too much, everything will look squished.

okay, thank you!!
I just got help from someone else but it really worked if it makes it easier for you you can go and check out it’s really simple to use
thanks tho :heart:

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This is my go to and it’s suuuper easy to use.

For a 1 zone background: 640x1136
For a 2 zone background: 1280x1136
For a 3 zone background 1920x1136
And so on.

Make sure you select dimensions and not percent.
When you select “select image” you will pick the image from your downloads (you will need to screenshot or download your image). You can find it easily in your recents tab.

Then, input your dimensions and hit “resize.” A new tab will be opened, and you can download your resized image by clicking with two fingers or doing a right click.

With each new image, you will need to repeat all of these same steps.

Hope this helped! :slight_smile:

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