Help me with transitions!

i want to have my character in the correct spot and zoom before the transition into the scene starts but it plays through the script i don’t want to be seen and then does the transition, i think my script is right but i’m not sure?


@SOREN changes into SOREN_CHILL

@zoom on 119 0 to 356%

@SOREN spot 1.280 129 0

@SOREN faces right

@transition fade in black in 2.0

@zoom on 119 0 to 356% in 0

If you don’t put a time the script will just zoom in 1 second. Let me know if it works :crossed_fingers:

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Oh and put & in place of the @ before Soren spot and faces right :+1:

OMG can’t believe i forgot about that :joy:

It worked thanks!!

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