Help me with vampire fangs

Okay so both love interest and main character have customization choices.

  1. Can someone make me a customization for them where the lips are ones that are normal that also have same lips shape but fangs for example “Full Heart Pouty” I would want it in the customization since it has “Full Heart Pouty With Fangs” but I don’t want"Full Heart Pouty With Fangs" in the customization.

  2. As I said they have the choice to customize so how will I later in the story know which lips they chose so I can say @MC previews (same lips with fangs)

  3. Also the eye color how would I know the normal eye color.

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@WinnerAuthor like which kind of customization like the clothes idea and eye and lip and lip vimpire have to have red eyes and lip should be black or red

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