Help me write a new story <3

Hi! I’m trying to create a new story for episode. I don’t have good storylines though! It would help If you guys listed some (ones that aren’t too cliche) and help me out!

I also need help getting the following…

  • background characters (list your details down)
  • tips on writing.
  • what genre is fun to write.

thanks xx

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a little tip for writing, write what you like. you can come up with idea’s and write them down and then add little changes to them to make them seem more enjoyable and fun. you can also ask someone to proofread your story before publishing it so you get tips from a different person’s point of view and make the changes depending on it. and keep promoting you story on different platforms :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

for the genre i think its best if you write what your good at. Romance stories are preferred more by readers but if your not good at it then i suggest dont write it in that genre cause you slowly loose motivation as it’s not what your good at or what you prefer :heart:

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Ah thanks for being so helpful! <3

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If you use please keep the locket / necklace on!! :sweat_smile:

I would say do little bits at a time, don’t wear yourself out. Also try to plan your characters backgrounds and stuff and write it all down, it helps a lot.

I tend to listen to music and eat / drink something when writing since that is when I’m more focused. And don’t forget to frequently save!!

Good character development is always enjoyable to read but please don’t make your mc too bratty because it makes me want to throw my tablet :joy:

And finally - write about something you are passionate about or are interested in, that’s how the best stories are done.

Fantasy or comedy I suppose, depends on your likes. If you love horror or thriller than those would be more fun or if you’re a more lovey-dovey person then romance :slight_smile:

It’s not really a secret that Romance is the most popular stories but don’t write one if it’s not fun or you don’t like it :slight_smile:


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this thread helped me a lot :point_down:

Horror or comedy
but most people read drama/romance

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Thank you! That’s very helpful :slight_smile:

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