Help Me Write a Parody!

Hey guys! So I’m writing a parody of the typical Episode cliches and I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me? It’s not gonna be a full parody, right now I’m just making it one episode. And what I mean by “parody” is that I’m trying to make the first Episode as true to Episode cliches as possible, without making it too obvious that it’s a parody. I was making good progress but now actually writing it I’m struggling a bit! So if anyone’s interested that would be great! You’d all get credit for co-writing the first episode ofc.

Oh and I have another storyline that’s gonna occur after the first episode so don’t worry I’m not just making a one-episode story lol.


Hey! I’d be happy to help you. Is it gonna be like a new story every episode? What kind of things do you need help with?

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I think just the first episode! It’s kinda complicated, I’ll start a PM lol

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