Help me write my 1st story

I need help with writing my story called Happy Day’s, if anyone can help plz let me know

While I’m always happy to help ppl here and there if and when they need it, I do highly recommend that you watch Joseph Evans’ yt tutorials and read Dara Amarie’s guides if you haven’t already done so! (:


I’ve look at a few of Joseph Evans vid I’ll keep watching them

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First of all it should be “Happy days” and not Day’s
Sorry to offend but my eye catches all the grammatical errors before even I read anything :skull:


its ok I just wanted it to be different

you still need someone to help?

@Niyua did you already find help

@yesena yes I still need help,@Rylee1 and no I haven’t yet

I’ll gladly help!

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@Niyua I would love to help but if you want someone else to that is totally ok

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@yesena @Rylee1 @Eda the story is called Happy Day’s and I know people don’t like how I have the name wrote but that’s how I want it

I don’t think it’s about people not “liking” the name, it’s more about them trying to help you with the grammar, but at the end of the day it’s your story, your choice

On topic: Man people will be busy with the contest including me, but if you ever need some help with coding you can always pm me :slightly_smiling_face:



i need help writing my first story as well its called endless love

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what do you need help on for the story?

if you have discord can I follow you on it

Hey, have you found anyone yet? I have writer’s block on my story, so I’m looking for ways to be productive rn. You can PM me if you want to. :wink: