Help me write my story: All I Ever Wanted(LimeLight)
Link to script writer. Not sure if it will work. Please tell me if it does. x
The story is called All I Ever Wanted.

What Its about

It’s about a 15 year old girl called Kendall who goes to boarding school with her older sister Hannah. She has no parents, no home, nothing. All she ever wanted was a family and a home. The rest of the story, you’ll have to help me write!


Requirements: None!

Why I need help

I’m really swamped with schoolwork, my computer is kinda slow, and I keep procrasinating. I’m trying to write, but it’s kinda hard. Please help me!

I will be writing as well, and I will give you credit. You don’t have to help write the whole thing if you don’t want to. You can just help write half a chapter if that’s all you want to write. If the link doesn’t work, just leave a comment and I will be in touch!

Please, I need help!!

i could help

I will help as well

Thank youuu!!! Btw was the link working?

no. it says access is revoked.

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Ah! I’d love to help!

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thanks! Pm me for details!

do you still need help

No, I’m fine