Help me write my story!

Someone please help me. I know what I want to write about I just don’t know how to express it, I’m really bad with words so I was wondering if someone would like to help me write? If you want to please please please reply to this.

What’s your story topic, I’m looking for a partner as well.

Its Romance/Drama and the description sounds something like this “London moves back to her hometown to feel closer to her deceased mom but once she arrives, she sees that everything has changed especially Alexander Delgado…”

I can give you an idea if you’d like.

I would like that very much

Instead, London should move back to her hometown after 4 years to find out the real reason of how her mom died. Along the way she meets a mysterious guy Alexander Delgado, with the help of him, they both find out the truth of how her mom died. Unlocking secrets of her hometown and finding out the truth of how her mom died. Note: I’m just throwing out ideas lol.

Ya, maybe she thought that her mother died of an illness or something, but then she finds out she was involved in something more insane (a murder maybe?)

Wait does she already know who Alexander is?

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I love that idea!

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Thanks, I just randomly came up with it lol. :smile:

Your opinion not mine lol.

im still really bad with words though :worried:

It’s okay girl! You got this!! :+1:t2::smiley:

Ty for the encouragement :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Of course!

Hey if you still need help you can dm me on here so I can try to help you out
or you can contact me on instagram at @elizabethrose.episode