Help me- 💀

So, I was going to log in the writer’s portal but it won’t let me log in for some reason. I had to create a new account for the writer’s portal AND maybe going to redo my story FROM SCRATCH- (which I don’t wanna do because I had to reupload all my overlays and stuff-)

Whenever I want to log in my original account, it says that my access has been provoked or stuff like that… (Please don’t tell me someone hacked my account or anything- :skull: )

Sounds bizarre but is there any way to ‘transfer’ my story from my original account to my new account? :skull:

I don’t wanna redo my story and reupload things ahhhhh

Uhm… help?


For starters, try sending them a ticket. Reset your actual password for your google account (or whatever it is you use), and try again!

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There’s unfortunately no way to transfer your bgs, overlays, or your stories. You’d have to do that all manually. But honestly like I said, try and reset the password and make sure to contact episode about it. A lot of people are saying their profiles and portals are messing up so I think something’s just going on with Episode rn.

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Now… I even can’t pick a style for my story anymore… IT KEPTS GIVING ME LIMELIGHT WHEN I WANTED TO USE INK- :skull:

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Yea, it’s definitely some type of widespread glitch. Try contacting @Sydney_H she might have an answer. She’s a forum moderator but sometimes she’s able to help out with glitches.

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Hey there @pqstiche, please submit a help ticket to our support team. @SadRoseBois I am not a member of the support team, so I’m unable to provide assistance in the portal. :smiley:

@Sydney_H can you please close this thread? The issue was solved a long time ago and I forgot this thread existed :eyes::ok_hand:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: