Help meee finding a story

Hi!! I was reading and forgot to put the story on favorites!!
It was the sequel to another story, the MC are millionaires had two kids (1 boy 1 girl), so in the sequel the boy is in high school and they go to Brazil on a school trip and there he meets the MC (LI) she has an abusive drug seller boyfriend. The male MC’s father rented a mansion for him and his friends and bought him a sports car. and in one chapter the male MC and the ex boyfriend did a car race!! And also in one chapter he got kidnapped by a woman using her daughter as a bait who was his fathers enemy from the original story and was now living in Brazil.

Just to add, I don’t remember the name of the author but I do remember that the original story was about de Mc getting a job and she and the boss fall in love but his mother and a girl that is in love with him make up a plan to break them up, she drugs him and pretends they slept together and lies about being pregnant from him and then his mothers finds a video of the two MC sleeping together and threatens her to publish it if she doesn’t quit and she leaves, all of this happens while he is away on a business trip that turns out to be to purchase her abusive fathers company to give it to her and He also finds her mother thru her jewelry company