HELP: Missing bracket error message even though the bracket is right there!

Hello there!

I keep getting the “missing bracket” error message while writing my story, even though the corresponding bracket is there.
I’ve been trying to get this error message to go away by over-examining what is inside the bracket and playing with the spacing, but nothing has worked.

Here are the screenshots:

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It’ll most likely be an error unrelated to the bracket but within it somewhere. You might want to post everything between that here so one of us can find it.

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Both ways work. You can have the next choice on the same line as the bracket, or the line below.

This is what’s inside the brackets (it’s kind of long)

Does it work if u put an additional } at line 2831?

Sadly no

There it is, line 2743. You’ve missed out putting in tappable.

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Thank you so much!

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I always code it that way because it looks tidier when the branches are collapsed. I think you’re thinking of when you put a line space between them, then you’ll get an error.


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