HELP! My character won't show up

I wanted my character to walk in and say those things, but it’s not working?

Can read over: HOW TO: Enter and Exit Scenes 🧊


@YOU enters from left to screen center

#replace YOU with your character’s name

#To have a character speak using an animation:

CHAR (animation)
Bla bla bla…


YOU (talk_greet)

You should take a look at this guide

thanks, but my thing still isn’t working. apparentley the last part where she yells “Riley” isn’t a valid command.

Check out the guide I linked above. Your commands are not correct. My guide shows you the correct way to have characters onscreen and how to make them talk

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Ok so, you are supposed to write each code in a separate line, please don’t put all the commands and narration at the same line.
Like this :point_down:t3:
@cut to zone #
@zoom reset
music acousticguitar
@CHARACTERNAME enters from left to screen left AND CHARACTERNAME faces right AND CHARACTERNAME is talk_greet_neutral
|bold, color:black| the dialogue goes here.
@YOU walks to spot x y in zone # in # AND YOU faces right AND YOU starts run_neutral_loop

Continue to do it like this :fu:t3:

And, don’t put “@” command in the middle of the line you only put “@” and “&” commands in the beginning of every new line
I also recommend watching Joseph Evans tutorials on YouTube.
Hope this helped, love :blob_hearts:
Feel free to tell me if there’s error or problem again :yay:

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what does that error mean?

There’s no background called this name
I just invented it’s name you should put the background you want.
And please don’t copy and paste everything I gave you an example unknown
I didn’t put the spots and stuff please stop writing now and watch Joseph Evans tutorials :blob_hearts:
It will surely help you
Here’s his channel

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okay thank you.

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My pleasure :blob_hearts:

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