Help..My characters won't move or talk

Sooo uhm i’m making a story and my characters won’t move or talk.
I’m pretty sure i’m coding right
@GRETTA faces right - she is facing the wrong way

GRETTA (talk_neutral) - her mouth dose not move.
@GRETTA stands screen center works just fine…
but the others don’t, i’ve reloaded and even restarted…and it still dose not work?
so if anyone can help please do.

Hey can you post the script you are talking about

Umm try to add this
@MADDISON enters from left to screen left

that worked for maddison but gretta is still missing…

And this
@GRETTA enters from right to screen right

yeah i did that idk if this is a bug or something.

and if you don’t want them to walk and go to spot direction then move ur character where you want than copy the coordinates and paste then instead of @MADDISON enters from left to screen left or @GRETTA enters from right to screen right

Isn’t it working

if not then save ur story then click on Back to Power In Hiding and refresh the portal

okay thanks

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ok…i think that worked…? Thank you!

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