HELP: my email got hacked (kind of)



Okay, so I didn’t exactly get hacked, but someone has been using my gmail to create social media accounts, the most recent one being an Instagram account. (I have like a million other emails, so the only thing I use this one for is the Episode app and the Writer’s Portal). Anyway, I’m a very paranoid person so I want to change my email address just to be safe. Is this possible? And if so, how?


Change the password. Then make a new email and replace the email on all your social accounts, billing accounts, etc


But how do I change the email in the Writer Portal and the Episode app?


Submit a ticket to change your email on both.


Thank you.


Really it’s because people don’t have one so they type in a random one and it probably ended up as yours lmao


I know but I’m really paranoid so just in case I want to change everything lmao


This happened to be but Facebook, I would recommend you to change your password


I would highly recommend changing your password on your accounts for everything and refrain from sharing your password with others. Also, what @RudeInception said. No guarantee the team will be able to change it but it’s worth a try. Closing topic and moving it to General Chat as this is not feedback for the forums. :peace_symbol: