HELP: My favourited stories on episode have vanished and their progress has been reset

Basically, my episode app has completely reset my favourite stories and their progress! It only just happened today. I was on my phone reading ‘It’s Now Or Never’ (I was replaying the story) and I was on episode 19. I finished watching the second ad so I can actually read the story, right?

So now I’m waiting for the story to load in but it isn’t working. It’s on the episode loading screen. I thought this was just a little bug so I closed and reopened the app. At this point, it’s just not working. It’s still stuck on the episode loading screen.

Everything was completely fine like there was no issue but this just randomly happened out of nowhere so I was so confused. Now my final idea was to restart my phone and uninstall the app and redownload it so I did that. I’ve logged into my account and then I see my favourited stories are all GONE!

Now I’m freaking out because I’ve been on episode for 5 years and there’s no way I’m going to re-read all those stories again. My progress for my favourite stories are all gone. I thought that maybe this was just because I’m not in my house and that my mobile data is just acting up but when I got home. It’s. Still. The. Same.

Could someone tell me what to do? I’ve contacted episode and they are really taking their sweet time to answer.
Is my progress completely gone?! :pensive: :confused:

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It usually takes a day or so for them to get back to you. Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of help that can be offered here. Just wait for them to get back to you and hopefully you’ll be able to get your stuff back.

Sorry this happened to you, hon. Hope they get it straightened out soon. :slight_smile:


It’s fine!! They haven’t fixed it yet but my account is working on other phones expect for mine. :joy:

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