HELP - My game isn't loading


Hello. So for the last 3-4 days I wanted to play episode. But whenever I open the app it says this: (pic)

I need help. The only thing I do on my phone is scroll through instagram, watch videos and play episode. Thank you.


Have you sumbited a ticket?


No I didn’t. What does that do and how do I submit it?


Ah, I know. I can not submit it though, I don’t know the support ID.


Go to your app and click on settings your ID should be there


OMG this is what’s happening to me too And I only do the things you said you do as well AND I submitted a ticket But I didn’t put my ID CUZ I CAN’T GET INSIDE and if this don’t get fixed I’m afraid I will have to contact the Episode team by email


I can’t get into the game either so I can’t get my support ID. If you contact episode, please tell me what they told you.


Of course I will


Did your game worked ?


Something is interfering with you game being loaded, this happened to me before and i had a VPN on and all I had to do was turn it off and it worked


Same! I cant seem to open it, idk why
It loads for a second and its goes back to the home page


I tried that but didnt work


Ive had this problem for ages. I sent a ticket!
Pictures to show.
My episode works on every other internet connection.




Same problem except when using data though I hope they’re going to fix it


It happens to me too, ever since we changed wifi and i emailed they emailed me something to try and recover it but it didn’t work… Its been months …