HELP! My Image Was Rejected And No Watermarks!

I used these images for my story where a girl receives creepy messages. I made them myself so there is no watermarks what so ever but Episode rejected it. I need some help as I used these in past episodes and i’ll have to go all the way back to replace them, And I don’t want to do that. Can anyone help?


I have a lot more but there is too many to download.

Did it have any brand names in it?

Upload them again they might get approved (as mine get when I uploaded them the second time):blush::blush:

Not at all :frowning:

Strange, you could try uploading it again. Could I see the background? I might see what’s wrong with it then :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure thing!

It could be because it says talktalk at the top. This might count as a brand name.

TakTalk isn’t a brand name…Is it?

I’m not sure, but it’s the name of a company so it might count.

Oh I see :frowning:
I don’t think there’s anyway for me to remove the backgrounds to upload again as i would have to delete the existing ones and make them again because there all set as TEXT 1 and TEXT 2 etc and i’ll have to remember what each text said because the characters reacted to them in a certain way x

Yeah it could be that…
Maybe remove it and then try.

Have none of the backgrounds been approved?

Oh i also noticed they approved this background, It still has the “TalkTalk” on it, How come they approved this one?

I say upload them again they will approve it…

No idea. Maybe, like @S.Dsana said, upload them again.

Okay, I’ll try that and update you guys soon :slight_smile:

Okay :slightly_smiling_face: hopefully they approve them.

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My backgrounds weren’t approving I still don’t get what I did but they got approved I guess I edited them and there was a site from where I took them again then they appoved it…
I find that very weird but oh well my backgrounds were approved and that’s what matters…

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Yeah it’s very annoying about the whole guide lines but I guess its for there website safety or something. Thank you guys for replying so quickly and I didn’t realise that I had the brand name in the photo but I’ll see if the photos have been approved. If they don’t I’ll have to make a new story instead.

New story… why is that??