HELP! My Image Was Rejected And No Watermarks!

No problem, I’m always happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: don’t make a new story, though! If they aren’t approved, then just edit them a bit and try again.

I know i’v only showed about 1 or 2 photos but i have about 10-15 of them and I have made about 8 chapters. If they don’t approve it would take me a very long time to create them but I guess it took me a few months to create backgrounds and chapters etc. I’ll try my best to find a way to replace them and not make a new story! Thank you guys xx

Yeah just edit that TalkTalk and wrote Episode instead of that they will approve…

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I’m pretty sure you have to remove where it says “iMessage” because that makes the messaging identifiable as the product of an Apple device.

It’s both the Imessage and TalkTalk. Both copy-written names. Remove both of those or replace them with fictitious names and resubmit and you should be all set. Also, if you create a ticket asking the team what the issue is they are always more than happy to let you know. Thanks!