Help? My overlay won't show up

I have it coded where i want it but it wont show up there.

Can you send a screenshot of your script?



That’s because you it set to 0

It needs to be to
&overlay FIRE opacity 1 in T
Same with the other one.

Its because you changed the opscity to 0. So its invisible. You need to chanģe it to 1.

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0

No, I want it invisible until I need it in the scene, I was told previously to set it to 0 and then set it again to 1

Ok. I’ve only seen the first screenshot that you sent before I responded :sweat_smile:

Ohhh Okay, Sorry if that came off rudely

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So the fire overlay isn’t showing, or both?

They’re both showing, just the fire overlay isnt at the correct place as i coded it.

But you have already placed it in your scene (with the background). Isn’t it where you want it to be? Or do you want it to be in spot: 117 20 in zone 3?

No, where I placed it was fine but in the previewer, it isn’t showing up there.

I took it out of the background one and made it separate.

But the overlay is already in the scene. So you dont need to use the create command and you dont need to move it again. You can just delete it and only use the opacity command so it can become visible

I tinkered around with it and saw where I messed up. Thank you though.

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Yay :blush: I glad you got this :grin::muscle:

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