Help! My previewer isn't working!

Usually, my previewer will run smoothly and preview the story normally. Even when I add my own background, which hasn’t been reviewed, it would still preview for me (bc the unreviewed background error is still previewable, according to the portal itself) but today, it didn’t let me preview and said this:

This has never happened before. Normally it would say that I have an error using the narr box in the story preview? Help!


Several threads about this tonight. Seems to be affecting a lot of people. File a ticket and hopefully they fix it soon.

Where can I fill a ticket?


if u need more info on how to fill it out. Check out this thread. @PizzaWriter


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I also had the exact same problem! I thought I was the only one…

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Mines too!!! Im like what the world?!

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Closing since this I’m rerouting all discussion of this issue back to Episode...WHY?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! :smiley: