Help, my reads are going down

Hey guys, I was just wondering if there’s a way to get more reads on my story? i used to get about 200+ a month and now I’m getting less than 50. I was just wondering how I can get them back up? :frowning:

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you can do loads of things! r4r, promote your story more often, request story shoutouts and reviews from groups on instagram :))


thank u!

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Are you updating your story less frequently than before by any chance?

ah yes, i am but i think it might be because im not releasing new chapters but revamping old ones

Ah, okay. I’d say that’s why it’s happening. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Do you know of any way I can fix it? Except releasing new chapters?

I think once you start releasing new episode’s your reads will go up, other than than I would say promote your story, maybe add some sneak peaks of your story to attract those who haven’t yet read it!

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I know it’s tempting to revamp when your skills have improved and it’s important to remember that your skills will always continue to improve if you keep writing - but I do think your story would be more “successful” if you focused on completing your story first. That would also give you more reader-confidence and then revamp your story after it’s complete.
I think a lot of readers (myself included) feel that once an author starts revamping, then it’ll take too long before the newest chapter comes out and that the story might also end up being discontinued.

Edit: Another reason would be that most readers look forward to new chapters they haven’t yet played more so than revamped ones they’ve already read.
Also, I hope you haven’t take any offense to what I’ve said… I’m not telling you what to do because you’re the author and it is your story. I’m just stating my opinion and how I personally think your reads could go up. (:

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No I totally understand and see where you’re coming from. Thank you for the advice!

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You’re welcome! Good luck with your story.

Girl whats your story name? I’ll read it right now. I know thats not enough but I’m willing to read for new Authors like you who is trying to come up. Shoot, im trying to be a writer, the only thing I finish was the character looks. Title I’m still thinking and i only made 1 chapter. How sad is that. And the worst part is I’ve been lacking on it for years now. Don’t make fun of me lol! Jk go ahead lol.

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