Help My Review Covers xx


Hey I’m Sky,
I find it hard to create covers for my stories and I was wondering if these seem to be okay.



I like the first one the best, it’s clean and simple. The outlining work on the second one is a tad shoddy, the bright yellow background is kinda brackish, the title is hard to read because of the color of the text, and the duck emoji seems unnecessarily tossed in there. The third one is alright, it might take a while for some readers to register that it’s a pic of a girls face after episode resizes the cover though. Hope these weren’t too harsh!


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I especially like the first one :heart:


Thank you so much! You weren’t harsh at all! I’m taking all these comments into consideration! Thank you so much for your time! xxxxx :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Thank you! I’ll work on improving the other covers and leave the first one xxxxx


what do you use


Canva, Photopea and Befunky xx


I use canava and be funnky


Those look really good!


Thank you! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


The first and third!


Thank you, sweets! I’ll try to use those types of styles more then 2 x :sparkling_heart::hibiscus:


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