HELP my script keeps saying Error you can have one character immediately following another


Hi @Flowerqueen7113
i know the problem in script and The reason you get error is Smokin spell wrong because it should be smoking not smokin .

Yeah, that’s not your error, just a word it thinks is misspelt. The actual error will have a big red box with an x in it to the left of the line.
Since I can’t see the error, it’ll probably be a line in all-caps? If so, put some punctuation in or re-write so it’s not all capital letters.

OK, i’m like sooooo tired (and glancing over your script, I don’t see the error) cause I only slept two hours, but I’m trying to stay up so I can see the clock hit 12 am :joy: however:

this is not the error (words can be highlighted in red all the time, where they’re considered incorrect, but the story can still be published, IMO it’s better to write smokin’ with the '). OP, may you show more of your script? You can PM it to me if you aren’t comfortable posting more :+1:

Yes, this could be the case, can check out this thread: :gift: HOW TO: Deal With The Error You Can’t Have One Character Following Another :gift: - Creator’s Corner / Directing Help & Tips - Episode Forums ( there’s a trick on it, where you can leave it in all caps anyway ^^

I’m so sorry to hear that, stay safe :pray: also, could it possibly be the fireworks? I can hear the fireworks rn and they’re really loud, they give off a bang sound :boom:


true it can be error

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i be safe since everyone home because of shooting going on and Happy new years but it not firework because it always happens in new years but god with us all amen and it night by me

true firework louder but shoting is louder extra

Are line 303 and 304 different narrations? if not try and have them in the same line, maybe that’s the problem?

For Ezra line’s “…” write |color:black| or |no-space|

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thanks I’ll try that :grinning:

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