Help! my story can't be played

I published new story like two days ago, and a friend tried to read it, but episode says that the story couldn’t be play because required story information was missing.
what does that mean and how i can solve it?

PD: I’m new to this so i don’t know if this should be considered normal.

when that happens to me i just restart the app and try to play the story again. it usually works

i did that already :sleepy:

Have you tried sending a support ticket? This doesn’t sound like your fault…

Moved to Report a Bug Mobile App since this sounds like an app issue. @Simplementeyo03 I’d recommend submitting a help ticket to our support team, they’d be more than happy to help. :smiley:

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I have a similar problem, whenever I want to continue reading one of my books it automatically restarts the entire book back to the beginning. IT WONT LET ME CONTINUE READING WHERE I LAST READ! It wont save my progress for new books either. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and refreshing it, logging out from my episode account. None of it works! I’m waiting for the next update on the app!

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