Help! My story won't preview on the episode app?!?!



Hey guys!
Coming on here because after trying for at least an hour to fix my problem, I failed, and quite frankly, I need advice from others because I am struggling.

I am currently writing a story, the first chapter and wanted to preview it on the app.

I went into the create tap on the app and clicked to play my story. But all it said was to be continued. I reset the script and reset the app and tried my other stories, which all worked except the story I wanted to view.

I can preview my story whilst on the episode website, where I write the script. But on the app I cannot. Now I’m worried about publishing in case it doesn’t work.

Please help?


Are there any error notifications?


I’ve had the same problem. To view it on the app, all you need to do is…

  • Click on Navigation (on the right side)
  • Click on Reset Story Progress (third button down)

That usually fixes it for me, if you have anymore problems, I’m here!


One thing is if you have a error in your script, it’s still not going to view.


Thank you for your help!
It worked.
<3 :slight_smile:


No there wasn’t.


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: