Help my w my story

I need a writing partner to help me with my story, I’m not really good at coding and directing


I can help if you like :slight_smile:

Sure, when can we start?
I’m trying to write a fantasy story.

I live in England, but I’m pretty much nocturnal so any time’s good. I’m at school atm, but I can pm you in a couple of hours if you like, or we could start now bc I’m on break :smile:

Sure! Do you have Instagram? I’m free most of the time!

Sure! It’s @episode.named, it doesn’t have any posts but oh well :man_shrugging:t3:

I’ll talk to you there, and I’m actually new to this writing partner thing soo I don’t really know how to write w a partner :sweat_smile: Mine is @isla_view

Don’t worry, I’ve never really done this properly either

I sent you a message on insta so you should just pick a time to start.

i need a writing partner to help me with my story. i can give you my insta name as well.

I can help you! But I’m not a perfect coder and director

my insta name is i did not receive a mgs from you.

Okay so I’m a new writer, currently trying to write a story, and I need someone to co write w me :smiley:

what part??? the plot or the coding because i cant help with the coding but can with the plot.

I can helpppp ( with the codinggggg ) xx

I do need help in both, but you can help me w the plot

Thanks should I tell you the plot orrr

Yeahhh xx