Help Name My Witch Story!

  • Witch Life?
  • Gaurdian Witch
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What’s the story about ( plot)?

its about a girl who is searching for her lost mother who was taken by her abusive father. She also goes to witch school hidden from the mortal world. She finds love in the end with a child

Always searching
I don’t know
It doesn’t need to have the word witch in it you can put it in the description

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ill think about that

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What’s the MC name


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shes an elemental whos powers are black magic, thunder and lighting

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maybe The witch chronicles or the chronicles of Liana

thats nice. ill think of that too

I will suggest : Inquisitive

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thats really nice!

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Yeah. It’s unique and it matches to your story theme to some extent. I’m good at suggesting story titles :grin:

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yes you are im finna use that :joy:

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Happy to help :blush:

there’s a movie with that name

However, I didn’t knew that.

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well :woman_shrugging: