Help (Name question keeps popping up in beginning of my story, when pressing done in characterization categories)!

Hi guys.
I am currently working on a story which actually have a lot of “complex” scenes when it comes to directing it. I am able to work those out - BUT! The funny part is, I keep on having a simple “fail” which I just cannot figure out why it does like that, haha.

Here it goes:
In the beginning of the story, you’re as a reader able to customize your own character/the main character AND type in your first name - BUT when I then try to “play” the story on my phone/laptop, it keeps on re-asking the name question everytime i’ve like changed the eyebrows, eyes or similiar things, and then wanna press ‘done’ in the given category - then the name question pops op again!? (It also asks for the name BEFORE you’re able to customize, which is obviously what it’s supposed to, but then it just keeps on from there as well, in the characterization part)

It’s probably just a small mistake i’m not able to see - but please help if you’re able to!

The namething looks like this, and downwards from there it’s just the characterization template which continues, and then of course the story from there (which there’s no other errors in):

Anyways, thanks in regards hahaha!

Move it after the customisation or before the label female_custom_1

Oh, well I guess that was as simple a mistake as I thought!
Thank you very much <3