HELP - names for main character - Mysitcal/ Fantasy

Hi guys, I’m writing a fantasy story but I need a mystical, cool, uncommon girls name I’d prefer if it could be a name I can shorten for nicknames as well. Can anyone help? I’m so stuck :sob::sob::sob::sob: Tysm

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Promidea, Phoebe, Enodeis, Kleodora, Amalthea, Marilena, Cordelia, Aerirene, Marissa, Genevieve

Idk, some cool and weird names that popped up in my mind


Thank you for your suggestions, they’re so pretty and unique but none of them have really stood out :sob::sob::sob:

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What’s like her powers? Or what kinda of mystical creature is she? Sorry if you’d rather not say, I just need a little insight to think of a name.

Mysterious & Exotic Names:

Lilith, Delilah, Vesper, Coralia, Harlow, Demetris, Xaveria, Lucia, Xylia, Chiara or Ciara, Nova, Antoinette, Akila, Augustina, Caressa, Siona, and Ziva

Girl Names: Maeve, Maeva Jynx, Lethia, Lenthia, Starla, Adelina, Ivy, Osiris, Salem, Elvira, Belladonna And Onyx

Boy Names: Obsidian, Carver, Avon, Kodiak, Hades, Blade, And Dante