Help naming characters from South Korea

Hello! My name is Rebecca R. and I’m working on my first story in Episode, in which I have a wide variety of characters.

Among them, there is a family from South Korea (a man, his son and his nephew).

My question is: I understand that in South Korea, traditionally, names are made up of a total of three syllables.
Each of them refers to a specific denomination. The first is linked to the family name, the second to a generational name that may be shared by siblings and cousins. And the last syllable is your personal name. This is chosen by the parents and it is possible that it coincides with the day or month of birth or with a characteristic that they want to assign.

So, following this logic, do you think the following names for the characters are okay?:

Man: Lee Soo Jin
His son: Lee Ha Won
His nephew: Lee Ha Joon

Or what names do you suggest I give them? Is there anyone who knows a lot about the subject and can help me?
Also another question: Is it written as I put it or is it more correct with hyphens, like: Lee Soo-Jin?

Thank you very much in advance for your attention and help. :sparkling_heart:


Those names sound good to me! The formats you have them in look correct without hyphens. A few others you could consider:

Park Jung Min
Kim Dae Hyun
Choi Young Ho

Let me know if any of those strike your fancy too. It’s really cool you’re including Korean characters. Are you planning to incorporate any cultural aspects into their storylines? Things like holidays, foods, and traditions could add nice depth. Wishing you the best as you develop your Episode story!

  • minho
  • joon-ho
  • ji-hoon
  • soo-jin
  • yuna
  • haeun
  • ji-yeong
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Jang mu
Kim na na

I don’t have any specific suggestions, but there are some syllables that do follow the masculine/feminine system most languages use. For example, 우 (romanized as ‘woo’) is considered more masculine, while 지 (romanized as ‘ji’) is more feminine.

There are some syllables that don’t follow this pattern, but I would try to keep this in mind. I’ve seen authors that don’t know this and they’ll just throw random syllables together without really understanding how the naming system works.
(Hopefully this makes sense and I hope this helps!)


I’ve seen the given names hyphenated in the subtitles on Netflix pretty consistently.