HELP! Need a new cover for my story AUDACITY

I need an artist to do me a new cover for my story Audacity. I need it done soon :sweat_smile: if possible :nerd_face:

On my bio you’ll find a link to go to my story.

My instagram: writee17

so just to clarify…for the artist who may consider doing your cover…You want a drawn cover???

Yeah, could you do that?

I would like to help, but I need the details of the characters!

Female MC:

skin tone: Rose 02
Brow: blackjet and Arched Thick Styled
Hair: black dark and Side Swept Updo Long
Eyes: Deepset Upturned wide and Grey Cool
Face: Triangle Defined
Lips: Full Heart Pouty and Rose Matte
Nose: Grecian Soft

This is my female MC of the story I’m doing…

Now I will send you the other two MC from this story. Just a sec…

Male 1 MC:

skin tone: rose 04

brow: dark brown and straight medium scar

hair: Dreads Long Loose Bun and brown black

eyes: narrow almond deep sunken and brown pale

face: triangle chiseled scruffy beard

nose: straight pointed

lips: medium heart and rose medium nude matte

This is Male 1

After sending me all the characters you have to tell me the pose of them. The background and if you want to add something else, ooo and the genre of the story.

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Male 2 MC:

skin tone: gold 02

brow: Furrowed straight s and light brown

hair: long top messy curls and medium warm brown

eyes: deespet downturned lidded and brown light

face: chiseled angular

nose: hooked grecian

lips: full heart natural and beige rose

This is Male 2


Female MC: screen center facing right and think_rubchin

Male 1 MC: screen right facing right and flirt_wink_at_camera

Male 2 MC: screen left facing left and idle_armscrossed_angry

  • Could you try and draw both MALE characters at the back to leave the FEMALE character on the center. You know what I mean?

Title: Audacity

Author: Writee17

Genre: Action and (science fiction)


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I don’t know how many time I will take

You just wait. ; )
Can you send me also the outfits or at least a photo of the first male MC’s outfit?
Oh ok, I don’t need it anymore!

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Hi, when you finish the art cover of my story could you send it to my inst@gram account @writee17. :nerd_face::blush::ok_hand:

I’m sorry I don’t have instagram

Then just send it here :blush::sweat_smile::nerd_face: It’s ok

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